Contrary to popular belief, it is rare for a court case to be won by lawyers alone when dealing with the complex issues of franchising or licensing. The truth is that utilizing an expert witness can increase your chances of prevailing in cases involving adversary franchise relationships. While the reasons for this are broad, Mr. Kosnar has a proven track record for helping to win cases because of his experience, expertise and knowledge in the field of franchise operations and law. Expert witnesses can be priceless and the benefits immeasurable for you and your clients.

The Kosnar Group litigation support team has provided attorneys and their clients with franchise expert witness and litigation support services for years, with some of our professionals having over 35 years of franchise experience. Our opinions are valued by attorneys, clients, and triers of fact because we are professionals who work exclusively in the franchise industry. We communicate and present our positions in a fashion that attorneys, clients, judges, and juries can understand.

When your client’s business faces the likelihood of litigation, lining up a franchise expert witness on your behalf can make the difference between winning or losing important decisions. The Kosnar Group’s, Managing Partner, Carl Kosnar, has a record of achievement that passes the toughest scrutiny and has allowed him to offer his expertise as a qualified expert in federal and state courts. His experience also includes providing expert testimony and legal support in matters involving alternative dispute resolution.

Having spent a collective 35 years in various roles as a franchise developer, franchisee, and franchisor, we have first-hand knowledge and the experience to assist you in achieving favorable solutions and decisions for your franchise clients whether they are  an individual franchisee, franchisor, or an affiliate chain distribution network. Our firm has insurance and reinsurance expert testimony and litigation representation experience.

Legal Support Experience:

  • Comprehensive Discovery & Due Diligence
  • Coherent Report Structure
  • Deposition Preparation & Appearance
  • Confident and Prepared Witness Trial Appearance

Industries Experience:

  • Automotive
  • Commercial, Residential, and Disaster Restoration Cleaning Services
  • Eco-Green Environmental Products & Services
  • Fitness Gyms and Martial Arts Studios
  • Hospitality – Hotels, Restaurants & Banquet Facilities
  • Medical Services - Optometry, Audiology, and Clinical Blood Laboratories
  • Online Home-Delivery Prepared Meal Service
  • Professional Services - Legal & Accounting
  • Real Estate Development & Brokerage
  • Retail Jewelry Chains
  • Retail Nutrition Chains
  • Retail Packaging, Shipping, and Private Mail Box Stores
  • Industry-University Collaborations & Global Technology Transfer
  • Valuing Public and Closely Held Franchise Companies for Franchisor and Franchisee Businesses

We are not attorneys and we do not offer legal advice; we only offer franchise legal support and expert testimony to law firms.  If your firm has interest in exploring the possibility of retaining our services please contact Carl Kosnar by phone or email for a no-obligation initial discussion. Expert witness testimony experience and fee schedule available upon request.


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